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December 2, 2008


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First edition here :…

DeviantArt is a place full of amazing artists and artworks.

Unfortunately, some of them are almost unknown and really deserve more recognition.

I've decided to feature some of my faves in this article, all of them are almost unknown (most of them only have under 100 faves, they are all under 500 faves, which is not that much compared to some artworks which have over 10,000 favourites).

:star:Digital Art :star:

fire by ameeeeba  listen to me closely by zalas  :thumb64602203:  Phoenix Queen by Aruyinn  Flame of the Forest by Peppermint-Pinwheel  Medusa by Fyreant  Stand In the Way by ArtMagix  Angel: After the Fall 11 Cover by AlexGarner  :thumb84892792:  Bird Queen by Snailbeak  :thumb68259007:  Calamitous Emotion by PearlPhoenix  Harmony with the blessing by Akihi  The Chosen One by Pegahoul  Tears by AndreeWallin  death return by yozartwork  Midnight Faerie Mischief by feliciacano  Scarlet by robcamp1000  Veshtiza by Fish-KA  The Messenger by b-e-c-k-y  Sensual Dream by vinegar  Nexodus by jamga  :thumb86848341:  Earth and Fire  - Dragon Art - by wallace    Sadako by suikei-zp  Dune by Eireen  Hellborn_ by drak  Orc wizard by Sumerky  Sketch 10 by leopardsnow  :thumb90538371:  Symphony by hightillidie  :thumb85159647:  golden forest by breathing2004  Maximus by EldarZakirov  Goblin Warrior - Token Card by DaveAllsop  Dance by QueenOfGoldfishes  The 'C' of Chaos by DaveWhitlam  Surveillance by merl1ncz  ASTEROIDCOLONY by dezygn  bad day by begemott  the hide fairy by cathydelanssay  MoreBookcovers by CrankBot  Pirates by thegryph  Thunder Cat by dezygn  Raist by ertacaltinoz  The Bremen musicians by Aguaplano  I Musicanti di Brema by Aguaplano  Ancient dragon by Sumerky  Hide and Seek by jermilex  PirateIsle by eWKn  Don't Let Me Die by ertacaltinoz  Pepper : The Daughter of Ocean by MrDream  NIKITO-003 by Mikajima  

:star:Traditional Art :star:

:thumb35963961:  Zombie fish by DH666  Book - The Sleep of Briar Rose by ravynnephelan  Prey by anabagayan  :thumb80599489:  :thumb91439887:    Lara Croft by MarkRaats  :thumb28390621:  The Arctic Queen by DavidHoffrichter  SPACE ANALOGY by EldarZakirov  Telarca by AFANTINI  "Pretty Deep" by davidmacdowell  Growth by metamorphosys  Hey day 5 by ARTOONATOR  a small giants sanctuary by rodulfo  :thumb55831032:  NIGHT TRAWLER by RSConnett  wrong perspective? by Acrylicdreams  Future cities by SirBumboom  :thumb81689127:  Fern by windfalcon  tree of life by penngregory  night impression by nailone  Goldfinches by Hbruton  Stray child in forest by efira-japan  scout by Acrylicdreams  Pouring Down by 4u64ica  :thumb102289211:  Spirit Rising by chvacher  dea bendata by originalASKER  :thumb92230526:  Tree - the canvas by melemel  " Very lazy cat " by Nikolaj-Arndt  Rainbow Queen - detail 2 by jeffhoppdotnet  Shot Glass by thienbao  :thumb95235687:  Tibicen Dorsata by LucitaniaMarie  Moon Chasers Too by LindaRHerzog  When She Dreams by metamorphosys

:star:Photography :star:

  Red Rose I by KatjArt  Ladybird by Alliec  large blue by MartinAmm  fragility 31 by PatriciaD  :thumb69398344:  weightlessness by PatriciaD  whait by Mcdbrd  :thumb103928325:  weightlessness xi by PatriciaD  Adult fairytale. by ultramodel  :thumb78092989:  :thumb85804801:  Service Included by ZeEnigMa  :thumb92082576:  i am flying_02 by sevenheaven  Les blonds desirs... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria  Breaking Dawn by Jake-C  :thumb36426721:  Portraits india 2008 - 5 by Gorgoro  60 by YanaBondareva  A Sign Of Happiness by ArjenCalter  Fruity Refreshment by dany25  You Find Me In The Club by Serendipiti  Not having the blues by jchanders  the pianist by perhydrol  Dripping Tomato by WiZzeL  Green day by tachsheet-Jeulian    :thumb56852159:  :thumb84377150:  Miner Bee - close up 2 by Alliec  

:star:Miscellaneous :star:

Dragon tapestry DONE by moonbaydesigns  Witchblade by rvbhal  Venus' Whisper by The-2nd-Trinity  :thumb91000212:  Reptilian president Dunny Flag by zombieduck  bunnyphant by JasonJacenko  Portofino, view from a balcony by StychoKiller  :thumb84568188:  Predator Elder by TokyoCrow  drop weights by discomedusa  Black Fossil by Bev-Choy  Custom Passage Pendant for EI by sojourncuriosities  Swarovski Jewelry by hellslord  :thumb54674727:  Gone corset crazy V by bchurch  Aerinaria Pendant by porkshanks  Leather necklace by glee72  Pumpkin Carving2_full by volcanic-glass  number 17 by vankuilenburg  skinned - side detail I by f27  Masticate by f27  butterfly cake 1 by cakelover88  lilac butterfly cake by ilexiapsu  pinks and browns by ZaLita  Catfish Cake view 2 by minox  number13 by vankuilenburg  Zombie Rot Bust by MonsterAsylum  Zombie Woman Version 4 img01 by mikesneath  :thumb94547147:  BrushStrokes 10 view 1 by LaughingTree  :thumb19834843:  Princess by Sleetwealth  tree in silver by dunadair  Emagine... by IMNIUM  Elegant Headpiece Tiara by camias  Laelia Orchid Pendant by jessa1155

Thank you very much for taking the time to view these beautiful artworks, please take a look at these artists' galleries, they are really worth it !

I hope you enjoyed this collection, more coming soon in the next issue.
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consciousspace Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010
great collection
bread-doh Featured By Owner May 25, 2009
zuper collection! I even adore them more, than that dA now showing the old and most viewed/fav-ed ones!!
EmpressIllyria Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
Beautiful collection!
melime6 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
KaynessArt Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for showcasing this to us Diane. these artists are truly talented, and I see Christophe Vacher amongst them...awesome :D
Lakkae Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2009
Great stuff indeed :)
Misztary Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008
OMG lovely artwork this is the most crazy beautiful talant i'v seen love it
Lacelette Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008
*streches fingers and cracks knuckles* Well, here goes the commenting! ;)
saray Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2008
Thank you for sharing!!! Piece by piece wonderful art, and wonderful artists :)
sockstealingnome Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
Wow there's so many it'll take me forever to go through them but go through them I must. Some of those traditional arts blow my mind.
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